Sixteen Players Identified from 1v1 Soccer FC’s Wolves North American Academy ID Camp in Ancaster on July 5-7th

 1725We are pleased to announce that 16 players were identified from 1v1 Soccer FC’s Wolves North American Academy ID Camp in Ancaster on July 5-7th. The selected players have been invited to travel to Wolves FC in England during spring of 2013 to train at their academy.

In total, 35 players were selected from seven ID camps throughout North America. The players selected from the 1v1 Soccer FC ID camp are:

Boys:  Liam Outlaw, Stefan Mitrovic, Theo Corbeanu, Ryan Robinson, Donart Beqiri, Daniel Mun, Matthew Roberts, Anand Sergeant, Nicholas (Nico) Esperanca, Matthew Krunko-Moell, Aidan Wood, Julian Altobelli, Luca Danesi and Luka Jankovic.

Girls: Alexia Amorim, Mattea Reale

Congratulations to all the players selected.  1v1 Soccer FC aims to provide young Canadian players with training experiences comparable to leading soccer nations.

We will be continuing “Training the Wolves Way”  in our programs during the upcoming months to provide more of our players with these types of development opportunities. Our goal remains… develop better and better players..and more and more of them!

Canadian Soccer Association Seeking New Technical Director-We Propose a Plan

csa-playerThe Canadian Soccer Association are seeking a new Technical Director to help elevate the technical standards of young players in Canada.

This represents a tremendous opportunity for Canada to improve our success at all levels of the game.

Based on my coaching experience during the last 12 years at many different levels of the game (Private Academy Owner, Toronto FC Academy Staff Coach, Provincial and Regional Team Coach, University Coach, Super-Y League and Technical Director of a large club) I would like to propose the following 10 step plan:

1) Develop National “Proven skills development pathway plans” for grassroots and elite players that can be shared and implemented by qualified coaches at all levels

2) Increased emphasis on futsal to increase skills and enjoyment of the game

3) Accelerate the timelines for full implementation of LTPD

4) Implementation of national skills testing program

5) Incorporate private academies within our mainstream development programs-some of our best technical resources are there

6) Implementation of regionalized skills development coaches to visit clubs and schools to improve skills for players aged 5-8 and 9-12)

7) Joint ventures with Canadian universities to establish elite training centres at their facilities

8) Set up “coaching excellence” development centres at universities to deliver ongoing “best practices” coaching education

9) Establish a culture of “inclusion” to mobilize all our best “soccer resources” from coast to coast around one central plan

10) Establish a national professional soccer league that will form the second tier for MLS

1v1 Soccer FC: Lessons from Spain at Euros 2012

spain-euros-2012Spain’s victory over Italy last Sunday made them the first team to win three successive major tournaments. The squad of players is still very young and since winning their first World Cup in 2010, several new players have emerged such as Jordi Alba-Barcelona (Aged 23), Sergio Busquets-Barcelona (Aged 23), Juan Mata-Chelsea (Aged 24) and Iker Muniain (aged 19) –Athletic Bilbao). All these players are likely to play prominent roles in their 2014 World Cup Squad in Brazil.

Since travelling to Seville FC last year, I have taken a keen interest in the youth development model for young Spanish players. While many people tend to focus in on Barcelona’s La Masia Academy, it is important to recognize that 4 Athletic Bilbao players featured in the Spanish squad and that Seville and Valancia have successfully developed players such as David Villa and David Silva.

There are four main elements that coaches must focus on in developing young players who can succeed at the highest level within the modern game.

Technique Maintaining ball possession has been key to the success that Spain has recently enjoyed at the international level. At Euros 2012, Spain regularly completed between 600-900 passes during games with accuracy rates in the 80 %+ range. Passes are typically one and two touch made with both feet and every Spanish player is very comfortable technically on the ball. This is our objective at 1v1 Soccer FC-to produce young players who are comfortable on the ball with both feet and can play one and two touch passes with the correct pace, accuracy and at the correct moments… the correct areas of the field!

At Seville FC last year, I witnessed the focus on quick one and two passing on the ground to maintain possession and unbalance defences. Then when defences have lost their shape, penetrating passes are played in quickly to forward running players to create goal scoring opportunities. This style of play was used to create David Silva’s first goal last Sunday for Spain against Italy. Fabregas made the forward run and was able to get in behind the Italian defence to cross to Silva.

Italy did rival Spain for much of the game in terms of possession percentage. However, Spain attempted twice as many passes in the attacking third than Italy and received their reward for their attacking initiative with four goals.

Midfielders Andres Iniesta , Sergio Busquets, Xavi Alonso, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas are some of the best passes of the ball that the game has produced. They are all very capable of maintaining possession, controlling the tempo of the game and then playing a “killer” pass that can take several defenders out of the game to create goal scoring opportunities.

In Canada, we must take a long-term view of young player development and aspire to develop skillful and technical players who can successfully compete with other young players at the highest level. At the moment, Spain has now set the bar in terms of technical development! This success did not come overnight. Development preparation for their 2008 European Championship triumph began as early as the mid-1990’s for producing players such as Xavi, Alonso, Torres, Silva and Villa.

Tactical Spain has confirmed that success at the highest level is not about a specific formations or systems. The Spanish coach Del Bosque and the previous coach Luis Aragones have never confined their teams to play a certain system such as 4-3-3, 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1. Instead, they have chosen the best technical players available who are well prepared physically and psychologically to perform at their maximum potential. Spain was not confident that Torres was performing at his best during this tournament and played Cesc Fabregas as a “false number 9” to great effect. This was the first time that Fabregas ever played this role and confirmed that good technical players can play within any system/role assigned to them.

Everyone talks about Spain’s high possession percentage during games to create goal scoring opportunities. However, we should remember that maintaining possession and controlling the tempo of the game reduces goal scoring opportunities by the opposition. Spain only conceded one goal during Euro 2012 in over 570 minutes of playing time.

Physical Player size is not a factor for success in Spanish soccer. Barcelona are the smallest team in Spain in terms of height and Del Bosque has continued the earlier work of Luis Arangones in selecting the best technical players at the international level , regardless of size. Spanish players are physically fit and use other physical attributes such as stamina, speed, agility and strength, rather than height to succeed. Spanish team press very early when they lose possession and set themselves team targets of winning the ball back within 5 seconds of losing it. In Sunday’s game, the Italian play-maker Pirlo was forced back deeper and deeper in the game and was pressured by one or two players on every occasion he had possession. This broke down the rhythm of the Italian’s play and restricted their attacking play in the final third as Pirlo was reduced to longer-range passes in the air which were more difficult to control by the Italian forwards. In Seville in 2011, the physique of players resembled that of the current national team, average height, low centre of gravity and capable of quick movements at pace with either foot.

Psychologically Spain performed at the Euros 2012 as a very cohesive team. Despite the enormous rivalry amongst Real Madrid and Barcelona players, Del Bosque created a trust and harmony amongst the players that allowed them to succeed. World class players such as Fabregas, Torres, Silva and Mata accepted their “bit part roles” in some games as they all understood the importance of the overall team. The players were not over-confident despite coming into the tournament as current World and European Champions. Del Bosque, unlike the German coach Joachim Low did not put the team under pressure by “talking up” their chances of winning the tournament. Spain were very respectful of the Italian team on Sunday and these are similar qualities that we encourage at 1v1 Soccer FC-be respective of the game, your colleagues and the opposition, at all times!

The mental part of the game becomes more important, the higher levels that players aspire to play at. As our players progress in the game, this coaching aspect will be receiving a greater focus in our preparation of young players!

Summary At 1v1 Soccer FC, our mission is to provide our young player’s with soccer training experiences comparable to leading soccer nations. To successfully achieve this, we must continue to study and learn from the teaching techniques of the world’s most successful training models. The game continues to evolve, so the work we did even 4 or 5 years ago has to evolve and continue to improve. Both Spain and Italy provided a very open and attacking Euro final on Sunday. Italy can also take away several positives from the Euro’s in 2012. Italian coach Cesare Prandelli played a more attacking form of soccer than we have seen in recent year’s from the Italian national team and enjoyed a very successful tournament.

Superb technical ability, fluid movement and team roles, high physical energy and positive psychological attributes are now required to succeed at the highest levels of the game. We must all embrace these changes and aspire to maximise all our abilities to produce better players….and more and more of them!

Ian McClurg 1v1 Soccer FC -Director of Coaching

Wolves North American Academy Launch Partner Clubs Program with 1v1 Soccer FC

April 5th 2012

 wolves-rae-you-next-v2-01The Wolves North American Academy today announced the launch of its North American Partner Club program with agreed partnerships with youth soccer clubs from the USA and Canada.

Wolves Academy Manager, Kevin Thelwell said, “I am both excited and delighted with the relationship we are developing with Global Image Sports that will allow us to build strong relationships with Clubs in North America. I am keen for the relationships to be mutually beneficial and anticipate that Wolves and the Clubs we partner with will work closely to maximize the benefits that will be gained on both sides. We have already begun to make contact with Clubs to share examples of excellent practice from our Premier League Academy and are looking forward to our full time staff visiting these Clubs in the summer to work with both players and coaches. It is an exciting project for us and I am certain that in the long term it will be an outstanding success.”

The Wolves North American Academy will be hosting a series of Elite Player ID Events with its partner clubs during 2012, under the direction of Wolves Academy coaches. Players who display potential will be invited to a Wolves Academy Experience at the Wolves Academy in England in the spring of 2013.

Wolves partner clubs for 2012 are as follows:

 1v1-soccer-logo11v1 Soccer FC

1v1 Soccer FC was founded in 2000 by UEFA A licensed coach Ian McClurg and quickly established itself as one of Canada’s leading soccer development companies. The company is based in Ancaster, Ontario (between Toronto and Niagara Falls) and provides specialist soccer coaching to male and female players aged from 5?16+. 1v1 currently trains over 400 players a week. Their aim is to provide young Canadian players with soccer training experiences comparable with leading soccer nations. They achieve this by providing a positive educational and training environment where young players follow a proven and progressive coaching curriculum delivered by qualified coaching instructors.

Mount Olive Premier

Formed in 1976, and based in Mt Olive New Jersey. Mt Olive Soccer Club is a year round player development program providing quality training, an organized and highly competitive environment, designed to help skilled players achieve their maximum soccer potential. Mt Olive strives to be the best soccer organization in northern New Jersey, as they aim to set a new standard. They have 3 tiers to their club; development, travel, and premier with around 3000 players across all teams. Mt Olive is very excited to form a partnership with Wolves, and looks forward to building a great relationship in the year’s to come.

Chicago Lakefront

Chicago Lakefront Soccer Club is a non?profit Premier Travel Club in the City of Chicago. The club was formed in 1997 and has consistently offered professional coaching to the City. Over the past fifteen years Lakefront has had numerous teams enter the national rankings, including top ten national rankings for the 98/99 Girls Team on several occasions. In June 2011 Lakefront appointed Nick Mulvaney as their Director of Coaching. Nick seeks to make Lakefront a club where the kids in Chicago get the pportunities they want and deserve. This partnership with Wolves North American Academy is testimony to Lakefront’s ambition to grow as a club, and the emphasis they put on the development of young players.

Queen Anne’s Soccer Club

Queen Anne’s Soccer Club was formed in 1989 in Centreville, Maryland in order allow the area youth the opportunity to play the beautiful game in an environment that was safe, nurturing, organized, instructional, and competitive. Their goal is to enhance the development of every player and give him or her the opportunities and resources in order to play soccer at the highest level. The club has grown each year, and offers recreational play and select team play for players wishing to advance their skills through local, state, and regional play. The goal of Queen Anne’s Soccer Club is to exclude no one and include everyone.

Hoosier FC

Founded in Noblesville, Indiana in 2002, Hoosier FC is dedicated to the development of excellence in soccer skills for both boys and girls age 4 through 19. Hoosier FC has just under 400 players competing throughout 20+ teams. It is the philosophy of Hoosier F.C. that great soccer players are developed at various ages. Hoosier F.C. accomplishes this through age appropriate training techniques and competitive participation at the highest level. Hoosier FC are excited about their partnership with Wolves, and look forward to working with them this summer

1v1 Soccer FC Partnering with Wolves FC North American Academy

March 27th, 2012 – The Wolves FC International Academy have announced a partnership with 1v1 Soccer FC in Ontario Canada.

Wolves FC have successfully attained the highest level of Academy status in the UK (Category 1) and share this distinction with only 19 other professional clubs in England. Their Academy has successfully developed world-class players such as Robbie Keane (transferred for total fees of $150 million) and current Manchester City and England international Joleon Lescott.

Staff from the Wolves FC academy will be travelling to Ontario on July 5-7 to run a player ID camp for male and female players aged U8-U14+

Players can register online for the ID camp at

or contact Ian McClurg, 1v1 Soccer FC Director of Coaching, at 289-239-9602 or

1v1 Soccer was launched in 2000 and quickly established itself as one of Canada’s leading soccer development companies. They provide specialist soccer coaching to boys and girls of all abilities aged from 5-16+. The program is led by Ian McClurg, a UEFA A licensed coach and former Toronto FC Academy and Ontario Provincial team staff coach.

The aim of 1v1 Soccer FC is to provide young Canadian players with soccer training experiences comparable with leading soccer nations. They achieve this by providing a positive educational and training environment where young players follow a proven and progressive coaching curriculum delivered by qualified coaching instructors. 1v1 Soccer FC takes a long-term view of player development and its programs are aligned to the philosophy that it requires 10,000 training hours for athletes to reach elite levels.

1v1 Soccer FC provides coaching instruction and pathways for development that enables our players to have realistic opportunities to advance to play at the following levels:

  • ID Camps with European Professional clubs
  • MLS Youth Academies
  • Ontario Provincial Team
  • US College Scholarships
  • Canadian University Scholarships
  • District and Regional Development programs

Ian McClurg, Owner and Director of Coaching for 1v1 Soccer said “Our Academy Partnership with Wolves FC represents a massive opportunity for our young players. It will allow us to continue to improve the technical standards of all our programs and provides clear pathways for any of our players who aspire to play professional football (soccer) at the highest level. The opportunity to showcase their abilities next summer in front of the Wolves FC coaching staff at the ID Camp this summer will provide our players with specific training target’s during the coming months and will help us to produce better players…..and more and more of them!”

Coaching the next generation of Canadians – one on one style

Published in Total Football Magazine – January 2012


UEFA A licence coach Ian McClurg had a simple concept – and has turned it into a successful business.

Although football is a team sport, it is what individual players do that decides the outcome of a game. A brilliant piece of individual skill, being in the right place at the right time and even individual errors can be the difference between winning and losing.

McClurg is a firm believer that by focusing on coaching on a one to one basis, this will have a major impact on improving individual skill levels and in turn will have a positive impact in match situations.

McClurg grew up in Northern Ireland but emigrated to Canada in 1981. In 2000, he founded 1v1 Soccer, motivated by the desire to provide young Canadian players with the same playing experiences provided by leading soccer nations.

The company established itself as a leading private academy in Canada – and established a successful working relationship with Crewe Alexandra.

McClurg’s ultimate goal remains the same as it was at the outset – to have a positive impact on the personal development and playing abilities of every player and coach he works with.

The Canadian national team is currently ranked 74th in the FIFA world rankings – the national side is pictured celebrating a goal during their recent 4-0 win against St Kitts & Nevis in a World Cup qualifier – and McClurg hopes he can play a role in the development of players in Canada and contribute to the future success of the national team.

Total Football editor Mark Roach was keen to know more…

How did 1v1 Soccer get started?

1v1 Soccer was launched in 2000. I had just joined the Ontario Provincial Team programme as a head coach. At the time, I felt that elite development programs like our provincial team programmes should be available to a greater number of young players, if Canada was to improve as a soccer nation.

My vision was to provide young players in Canada with the same level of training experiences as young players in leading soccer nations in Europe.

Our training is individual based. We focus on a technical skills base and even though our players train in training squads, the majority of our work involves one player with one ball. We are committed to developing each player and providing them with pathways for higher levels of play.

What have been some of your key achievements?

In 2011, we had one player, aged 15, on trial with Seville FC’s youth academy in Spain and within the last 12 months, three of our players have trialed with Toronto FC’s youth academy.

We are very proud of this accomplishment as we train just over 250 players a week while local youth clubs with 8,000 registered players have not been able to match these accomplishments. We do believe, however, that our latest generation of players will lead to greater success in the coming years.

The bigger picture was our aim to establish a true playing pyramid from young to senior players. This was very different than the structure of other organisations in Canada at the time. In leading soccer nations, professional clubs and professional coaches develop elite players.

Until MLS teams like Toronto FC came along, elite players in Canada were typically developed by parent-volunteers in amateur youth club environments.

Where did the 1v1 Soccer concept come from?

I have always believed that football is a simple game. At its core are the individual technical skills of each player. Players must first master the ball individually, before they can excel in small-sided or larger game situations.

In Canada, we have tended to enroll young players as young as three in programmes, without teaching them how to play. We give them a shirt and tell them to go out there and play.

This philosophy and our emphasis on winning versus development has cost Canada at an international level. Many play the game in this country – there are 700,000 regsitered players – yet we are only ranked 74th in the FIFA world rankings.

Our players play at different clubs in various leagues. Our role is to provide our players with additional training and more individual based skills training than they receive during team training sessions.

Our type of training works in conjunction with team training and can best be described as individual skills coach training, quite similiar to the English FA’s skills coaches and the work of individual skills coaches in youth academies in Europe.

Where are you based?

We are based in a small place called Ancaster, Ontario which is located between Toronto and Niagara Falls.

We operate out of four main training centres in Ancaster, Burlington, Oakville and Waterdown.

How has the business developed since it started?

1v1 Soccer FC was an opportunity for me to merge my soccer coaching experiences – I am a UEFA A licenced coach, an Ontario Provincial Team coach and a Toronto FC Academy coach – with my business qualifications and experiences. I have an MBA and work as a Customer Relationship Management Consultant for companies such as IBM and Netsuite.

We now coach over 250 players a week in our advanced class programmes, with regular classes and team coaching programmes for clubs, individual one to one training sessions and academy programmes in schools.

Our programmes can be individual, in small groups, or team based.

What age groups do you work with?

All the way from three-year-olds to players aged 16 and over.

What makes 1v1 Soccer unique?

I believe that we foster a true passion for the game and a true commitment for continuous performance improvement.

What feedback do you get as to how 1v1 Soccer has improved a player’s game?

People are excited about what we are doing and how this type of coaching could have an impact on the future of the game in Canada, especially with the very young players.

Parents tell us that their children have grown in confidence and have developed, not only in the way they play the game but in general. Parents say that they have seen improvements not only in their child’s technique and ability but also with their passion for the game.

We hear a lot that children are really enjoying the style of coaching and that it is helping them to enjoy the game more as their individual skills improve.

What have been the most significant changes to 1v1 Soccer as a business?

The programme and company have evolved over time. Our main focus has been on developing young players in Canada who are prepared properly to succeed at the highest levels of the game in Europe. That remains our ultimate goal – and we are getting closer to that vision.

You have recently signed a deal with Leicester City, how did that come about?

One of our young players was invited to participate in an identification development camp in the US which was being hosted by Global Image Sports. We made contact with the company and they had just partnerned with Leicester City FC.

We became the first partner club in North America for Leicester City and although we are still in the early stages of the relationship, we are very excited by the possibilities of providing our young players with a direct and progressive pathway to a professional career in the game.

Young soccer stars receive advanced placements

brian-will-and-liam1v1 Soccer FC Academy has placed 5 Hamilton players in advanced training as a result of their 2011 development program.

Leading the five local players, Daniel Mun was selected for the South Ontario Region (SRSL) development program – the highest level available for his age group – even though he is a year younger than other players participating.

Ancaster’s Brian Botorce, Liam Outlaw and Will Cseresnyes have been selected for the Hamilton and District development program.  The district program develops players for the regional and, ultimately, the Ontario provincial teams.

Ryan Robinson, 10, has been selected to participate in Mt. Hamilton’s Elite U13 Toronto FC Academy program for 12 year-olds. Ryan took one of only 12 positions available in a competition with over 200 players.

All five players have trained with 1v1 Soccer FC, in addition to their club teams, since 2009, and have impressed 1v1 Soccer FC Director of Coaching, Ian McClurg, with their dedication to continuously improve their skills.

“We are pleased that these boys have received this recognition. They are five of the most talented players in the area and have impressed me with their training mentality. All have different strengths as players, but they all have a tremendous desire to improve themselves as players and as young people. They work extremely hard in training, week in and week out, and we are expecting them to progress further in the sport and play at higher levels during the next few years”.

1v1 Soccer FC is a unique, individual-skill-based training company which has no teams of its own. It was launched in 2000 by McClurg, one of only a handful of UEFA ‘A’ licensed coaches in Ontario. McClurg is a former Toronto FC Academy and Ontario Provincial team staff coach. He has worked with 6 players from the current Men’s U20 Canadian National team’s pool of players, and 7 players from the current Canadian Women’s National Team.

In recognition of this and other national team achievements, the Academy was recently chosen by England’s Leicester City FC as its first International Academy partner. Leicester City FC will partner with 1v1 Soccer to identify and develop standout players for collegiate and professional careers in the Golden Horseshoe.

To focus on this new advanced development partnership, 1v1 Soccer has launched its first Advanced Training program for 14 to 16-year-olds. The program is by invitation only and launches in Ancaster, Burlington, Oakville and Waterdown (girls only) in January.

To apply for a position in the program, contact 1v1 Soccer at 905-906-1178 or online at

Two more 1v1 Soccer FC players receive recognition

Two more young players from 1v1 Soccer FC, Daniel Mun and Ryan Robinson have been selected for more advanced playing opportunities.


Daniel Mun

Daniel Mun has been selected for the next stage of Regional development program – even though he is a year younger than other players participating. The Regional development programs are the “feeder” programs for the Ontario provincial team and identify and develop players 12-13 Years of Age

Ryan Robinson (who’s 10 years old) has been selected to participate in Mt. Hamilton’s Elite U13 Toronto FC Academy program.

Over 200 players participated in the identification process and only 12 players were selected.


Ryan Robinson

Both players have trained with 1v1 Soccer FC since 2009 and have impressed 1v1 Soccer FC Director of Coaching, Ian McClurg, with their dedication to learning and continuously improving their skills. Both have regularly attended 1v1 Soccer FC training 3 times/week.

” We are pleased that two more of our young players, Daniel and Ryan, have received this recognition. This follows our recent announcement about Brian Botorce, Liam Outlaw and Will Cseresnyes. Daniel has been recognized during the last few years for his dribbling ability and creativity with the ball while Ryan is a very direct player with a good change of pace. Both players regularly attend training early and stay afterwards in order to practice more on their own or with other players. This provides a great example to our next generation of young players coming through. We fully expect both Daniel and Ryan to keep progressing to higher levels of the game-providing they maintain their current commitment to training.”

Three 1v1 Soccer FC players Selected for District Program

brian-will-and-liamThree 1v1 Soccer FC players, Brian Botorce, Liam Outlaw and Will Cseresnyes have been selected for the Hamilton and District development program. Players born in 1999 (U12 – 2011) are identified and selected to participate in the district program. The district coaches initially rely on written recommendations from Rep Coaches and Club Head Coaches regarding the better players at this age group. All three players were invited into a try-out process and demonstrated good technical skills and abilities to gain selection to the program. The district program develops players for the elite regional and ultimately the provincial programs.

All three players have trained with 1v1 Soccer FC since 2009 and have impressed 1v1 Soccer FC Director of Coaching, Ian McClurg, with their dedication to continuously improve their skills.

” We are pleased that Brian, Liam and Will have received this recognition. They are three of the most talented players in the area and have impressed me with their training mentality. All three have different strengths as players but they all have a tremendous desire to improve themselves as players and as young people. They work extremely hard in training, week in and week out and we are expecting all three to progress further in the sport and play at higher levels during the next few years”.

1v1 Soccer FC Launches New JNR Program for Ages 3-5


1v1 Soccer FC Junior’s is an ECE inspired soccer program for young children, of all abilities, ages 3-5. The program is overseen by UEFA “A” Licensed Coach, Ian McClurg.

1v1 Soccer FC Junior’s is staffed with high coach to child ratios to allow for the needs of all players to be met with a patient (ECE) approach.

We encourage young minds to pick up new skills in their own time and try them in small-sided games. The program begins early October at Ancaster and Burlington locations!

Registration can be completed online at or call us at 289-239-9602

Program Benefits • Early teaching of soccer specic themes and techniques • Develops core movements of agility, balance and co-ordination • Encourages positive social interaction • Promotes an early understanding of rules and boundaries, respect, teamwork and fair play • Inspiring an early passion and love of the game