Accelerate your Soccer Learning with UEFA A Licensed Performance Coach Ian McClurg

Ian editWe are delighted to be offering small-group intensive 1 hour training sessions that are based on our successful 1:1 coaching program. The maximum number of players in any session will be six.

Individual or small-group training classes enables players to accelerate their development pathway. The emphasis on this program is on improving the technical ability, speed of thought and physical attributes of each individual player.

Players participating in this program are achieving minimum performance improvements of at least 10 % in their technical performance within 12 weeks. We offer a flexible training program where players can book individual sessions based on their other training commitments and we will can offer this training at Ancaster and Burlington training locations.

The training format consists of segments:

Phase 1: Intensive Fast Footwork Technical Training  (15 mins)

Phase 2: Physical training – speed, agility, quickness (15 mins)

Phase 3: Technical Skills Training – 1st touch control/passing & receiving/1v1 moves  (15 mins)

Phase 4: Shooting and finishing (15 mins)

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AGES 9-12

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AGES 13+